COVID-19 Vaccination

WE ARE ALL OUT OF PFIZER VACCINES (unless you have an appointment)

We are expecting another shipment next weekend. Please check our website daily for updates.

Please read the following carefully (Last Updated June 21, 2021)

*Please have your health card ready*

We have AstraZeneca booking options or walk-ins for Monday June 21, Tuesday June 22, Wednesday June 23


Pfizer First Dose or Second Dose

First dose: if you’re age 12 or older on the day of your appointment

Second dose: As of Monday June 14th you are eligible for your second dose if you got either Pfizer or AstraZeneca first dose before May 9.


First dose: not available

Second dose: if you’re age 40 or older and you received your first dose of AstraZeneca at least 8 weeks ago 

Thank you

Your pharmacy team