Minor Ailment Prescribing

As of January 1st, 2023, Ontario’s pharmacists are be able to assess and prescribe medications for common conditions. 


– Bacterial skin infection (impetigo)
– Cold sores
– Eczema and allergic skin rash
– Heartburn and indigestion
– Hemorrhoids
– Insect bites and stings
– Joint and muscle pain
– Menstrual pain
– Nasal allergies (i.e., hay fever)
– Pink eye (due to allergies or bacteria)
– Thrush (fungal infection of the mouth)
– Tick bites (Lyme disease prevention)
– Urinary Tract Infection (uncomplicated)

Minor ailments, also known as common conditions, can be managed with minimal treatment or advice and follow up with your pharmacist.

This means you can visit your pharmacist and receive the necessary care, including a consultation and treatment for your ailment, all in one visit.

Your pharmacist can assess your symptoms and recommend the appropriate prescription or OTC treatments. Often, this means you won’t need a visit to a medical clinic. 

In some cases, where the ailment is outside of the pharmacists scope of practice, they may have to refer you to a walk-in clinic to be assessed by a doctor.